Back… to the Future!

Future (fyoo-cher) – noun – 1. time that is to be or come hereafter. 2. a condition, esp. of success or failure, to come: Some people believe a gypsy can tell you your future.
I am in my final year of high school, and I’ve gotten in to the universities I wanted to go. Now that I know my path for the next year, I’m starting to think to myself how close the future really is.

Some people tend to think of the future as being incredibly far off. They never think of it in terms of the future is tomorrow, or later today, or even a minute from now. Also, the fact that it is termed “the future” makes it seem as though it is already plotted out and that no matter what decisions we make we would have made them anyway and therefore we would have gone on to the same future. The truth of the matter is, every few minutes our future can be changed. It all depends on the choices we make and how we go about doing things.

For example, I know that I am going to university next year. I know that in a couple months I will be wearing a funny hat in front of a bunch of people and getting a rolled up piece of paper. It took me ’til about a day ago to realize that I was nearly done high school. I was nearly finished what I had been dreaming about in elementary school. This realization also made me think that soon the future I had been working toward for four years was next September. It kind of puts things in persepctive, don’t you think?

I know it’s impossible to know where you will be from one year to the next, let alone one month to the next. The future is ever changing, and no matter what we do we can’t just sit on the sofa and never move at all, just waiting for it to come to us. We need to find the future, even though we never completely know what it is going to be.

in fact, the invisible race car was really the delorian used by Doc Brown to travel into the future...

in fact, the invisible race car was really the delorian used by Doc Brown to travel into the future...


~ by linzy on January 12, 2009.

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