Things that go dump in the night

Dump (duhmp) – verb (used without object) – 1. to fall or drop down suddenly. 2. to throw away or discard garbage, refuse, etc.

I have two dogs. One, the family favourite and elder of the two, is a pomeranian-chihuahua-maltese mutt (the cutest fluff ball you’ve ever seen – Squidget), and the other is a chinese crested hairless (Willow). I know what you’ll think when you hear “hairless” – ewwwwwww. Believe it or not, she’s really cute. She’s a happy-go-lucky, has a good personality, but is a little bit of a dumb blonde. Although she is loved by all, there is one thing that slightly diminishes her cool standing.

It’s winter. It’s cold. There’s snow everywhere. This pup don’t like no snow. No matter how many coats you put on her, no matter how warm the boots are that you shove on her feet, she does not like this season for nice walks. As a result, it is increasingly more difficult to get her to accept the call of nature when she is surrounded by it. She prefers a slightly warmer climate for doing her business.

I sleep with this cutey at night in my bed. She likes to crush up against me and use me as her own personal furnace while she sleeps. Unfortunately for my bedsheets (and the bodies underneath them), this little critter just can’t hold it in for twenty four hours. She goes to the foot of the bed, scratches at the corner precisely four inches away from the port side of the bed, and lets the river flow. I always wake up at the part where I feel something cold and wet on my foot.

When she was but a pup, she lived in a house full of untrained puppies. She was nearly 6 months old when we got her, and she had never been potty trained. The manager of the establishment said she would never be fully trained to learn the difference between grass and rug, but we got her anyway. She was just so darned cute.

Having an older dog in the house that was very well trained was a big help. Our little Willow didn’t want to embarass herself in front of the great and powerful Squidget, so she did the best she could to resist peeing everywhere. Unfortunately, she found the remote spots in the house where Squidget never visited, and used those for her personal toilet areas. My mom was really pissed – we paid a fortune for this rug! she would say.

She’s been doing a lot better over the last few months, however she is not perfect. At least before she didn’t do her business on furniture – let alone my feet while I’m asleep.

In conclusion, my dog is the thing that goes dump in the night. But I still love her to the extreme.

this is DEFINITELY not how I feel about Willow

this is DEFINITELY not how I feel about Willow


~ by linzy on December 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “Things that go dump in the night”

  1. hilarious. i feel like a bad person for laughing every time she shits in your room – but it’s mostly because it’s not in MY room.

  2. hah hah nadz. hah hah.

  3. put
    now =D

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